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Kerry Girling is an accomplished five-time Amazon Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Film Producer and business enthusiast. He has over a decade and a half of experience inspiring humanity. Over one million people have experienced The Motivate Experience; Kerry’s unique motivational show. He has spread his powerful and motivating words through five hundred communities across North America. His presentations are accompanied by his five motivational books about moving on from what’s been holding you back in life, entitled The First Chapter Series.

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In the realm of his recent accomplishments he has produced two short films and four educational documentaries on youth related issues and distributed them to high schools everywhere. And last but surely not least, his passion for business has led large companies to exceed well beyond their sales goals

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unique motivational

Kerry’s unique motivational show. He has spread his powerful and motivating words through five hundred communities across North America.

five motivational books

Our presentations are accompanied by his five motivational books about moving on from what’s been holding you back in life, entitled The First Chapter Series.

two short films

We have produced two short films and four educational documentaries on youth related issues and distributed them to high schools everywhere

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Our commitment as a business leader brings huge results to companies he’s passionate to work with.

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Early in life Kerry discovered an intense passion for inspiring youth. At the pinnacle of his career Kerry was faced with a life altering experience

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Kerry brings you on a spiritual journey of forgiveness and acceptance while sharing the most pivotal answers to finding happiness in all areas of life.

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    “In this world of over seven billion people, there are literally hundreds of millions of people that don’t ever experience the things that we take for granted every day.”
    Our negative experiences help us live happier lives. Without them we couldn’t differentiate between happiness and suffering. In fact, our biggest mistakes teach us the biggest life lessons. It’s important to view all our experiences with open mind. In reality, no experience is either positive or negative; they just are. It’s our differentiating beliefs, values and perspectives that determines whether an experience is either positive or negative in nature. Finding the positives in any situation is important to help increase our everyday happiness. Happiness resides in all of the experiences we live through; both positive and negative ones. Even the negative situations have their benefits. Knowing this can help you look at negative situations in a positive manner. It will help build a healthy belief system.
    Happiness resides everywhere. It resides in the conversations with our coworkers and in traffic jams. It comes from our families and friendships. It even resides in the hardship that we’ve lived. In fact, it resides in every experience we live. Unfortunately very few see it that way. The majority of us are determined that happiness resides only within the latest technology or through our monthly pay cheque. This type of belief only leads to inner hardship.
    When I was a young boy, as far as I can remember, I didn’t see life through the same perspective as I do today. In fact, my views of the world are constantly changing. Each experience has helped me shape my inner beliefs and values. Through the years I’ve learned that harvesting positive beliefs of any kind helps inspire my passions and is one of the key fundamentals to finding true inner happiness. Weather your beliefs were taught in school, or if you picked them up from the pastor of your church, each of your beliefs assist you towards living a happy and truly content lifestyle.
    We generate our beliefs through various forms. Mostly through our friends and closest relatives. These people are the ones we trust in. We believe nearly everything they say. However, even though a belief may have already been formed, it doesn’t mean it is there to sty forever. You can simply replace it with something better. Taking a look at your own beliefs will help you determine where they were formed it in the first place. By acknowledging a belief, you’re accenting it, enabling you to determine if it is in line with your current values. Much like our ever-changing beliefs; our values are changing just as rapidly. Sometimes we need a reality check to see if our beliefs and values are in line with the image we perceive our happiness to be.
    What does your mind tell you to believe in? What self-defeating beliefs do you hold about yourself or the world around you? Start with eliminating them one at a time. You’ll be glad you did.

    This topic has been explored more in the last decade than most. In fact, it’s an active part of millions of people’s daily regimen. It’s something that has brought more happiness than anything else. In fact, it’s something I personally have adhered to like cement over the past five years. It’s also a huge source of my own happiness.
    Happiness isn’t something that will last forever unless it’s properly cultivated. It’s made of properties that flounder quite quickly, especially if it isn’t embraced. It’s like a driver’s license; a privilege, not a right. You don’t actually own the happiness unless you embrace it and respect it.
    What do I mean by this?
    Happiness doesn’t come in physical form. It’s a mental thing. It’s something your mind creates from thin air. Well, not actually. Happiness is generated from thoughts, but that’s all. If you don’t take the time to visualize your goals in life, or make an effort to get to know yourself through properly understanding your passions and ambitions, values and beliefs, etc, there’s very little opportunity for you to embrace any realm of happiness. Happiness comes to those who believe in themselves; those who appreciate their lives, and those who are grateful. It doesn’t come to those expecting it, or those ungrateful. Happiness however is withdrawn from one who commits a crime, abuses others, or does something against their own values and beliefs. One of the best ways to visualize is to implement the Law of attraction.
    It’s been agreed by hundreds of scientists across the Nation that thoughts equal things. Although this may be tough to process, it’s an integral part of the Law of attraction and bringing it into fruition. With practise you will develop a strong ability to bring your thoughts into reality.
    Often times, I like to think of life as a video game. The mechanics are virtually the same. In fact, Google is one of the closest synthetic forms of reality (the online search engine). It may sound funny comparing our human reality with that on the computer screen, but video game technology is really a synthetic form of reality. In fact, there are endless options when producing these video games because everything is possible. That’s the interesting thing when comparing the two, the same goes with our human lives; anything is possible.
    Your reality is only as strong as your belief system. If you believe you can achieve it you will. If you don’t you won’t. Understanding this will enable you to embrace more powerful forms of thought. Think about it; your entire day is built on thoughts. Every aspect of your life is generated through thought. Every decision you make is based solely on the results of your thoughts. This in itself should entice you to start thinking more positive. Your life will not process anything you do not believe. If you believe in the Law of attraction it will work for you. If you don’t it won’t.
     Exercise: Envisioning your ideals
    This exercise requires the willingness to explore your mindset.
    The Law of attraction is based on the belief that your thoughts are in direct reflection to the results you experience. This means; if you think positive you’ll reap positive rewards, however the opposite is true for negative thinking. If negative thoughts enter your mind you’ll flounder in negativity. I want you to take this information in and absorb it as though it were 100% tested, tried and true, because it has been. In fact, the Law of attraction has been assisting people to happiness for plenty of decades. It’s only recently been brought to public light. It works. You just need to let it work for you.
    Let’s start with a simple exercise that will introduce you to the Law of attraction. This technique is a visual exercise that’ll help you tap into your imagination which will allow you to alter the outcome of your future reality. I know it sounds a little too outrageous to believe, however those who believe in the Law of attraction are those living fulfilling lives, remember?
    First of all, find a nice quiet, comfortable place where you can relax. Somewhere out of the way of noisy distractions. You don’t need any props, just your mindset. Ideally, implementing breathing exercises before and after this experience is recommended, however, due to simplicity let’s skip the breathing stuff. Okay, imagine your ideal lifestyle. What does it look like? I want you to delve as deep as you can with this one. Imagine your ideal lifestyle. How old are you in your vision? Get as detailed as possible. Do you have any kids? If so, what are their names? What kind of career are you fulfilling? Take it a step further … what kind of money do you make? Are there any materialistic items, like a fancy car, or houseboat that you’ve added to your ideal image? Even think of the simplistic details. The ones you already overlooked. Are there any pets in the picture? Where do you live? Don’t just pick any house, imagine your most desired home. The one you saw the other day that made you gawk and awe as you drove by. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it all. What type of coworkers do you work with? Who are your closest influences? What types of hobbies and passions do you fulfill? I think you get the point.
    The Law of attraction takes intense dedication and belief to be brought into fruition. Without the intense desire and belief in its possibilities you’re destined to fail before you even start. The more you practice the more rewards you’ll experience. This is a fun activity that will allow you to explore your imagination into great depths. When was the last time you tapped into your imagination this actively?
    The law of attraction helps you excel at your goals and ambitions. It’s the easiest way to keep track of your efforts in achieving optimal happiness. You are only one that can visualize your thoughts. This means; you’re the only one that can leverage the effect of your thoughts. By taking the law of attraction seriously you’re ahead of those that resist. It makes complete sense that thoughts equal things. This is why it has already helped numerous people excel in all areas of life. Those that resist its power will unfortunately continue living in mediocrity. I encourage you to take the Law of attraction seriously for at least thirty days. I guarantee you’ll be amazed with the results.
    I remember one of the first times when the law of attraction worked for me. Here’s the story.

    My Soul-mate search
    I had just ended a relationship with my first wife in September of 2010. We were separated for divorce. I felt lost and insignificant because I had lost my companion; the person I leaned on for support, and the one that had been there with me for the past seven years. Instantly I felt distant from society. It felt like I had lost everything I had worked towards. In fact, all of my previous accomplishments felt insignificant too.
    A couple of days after our break-up, some of my friends were trying to boost my spirits up because they saw how much of a negative toll the separation had taken on me. At first, they seemed like they were joking as they introduced to me an online dating site that offered the possibility of finding the perfect soul mate. I immediately thought it was a stupid idea however after talking to a few people around the table whom had already witnessed positive results from it, I decided to look at it with a little more depth.
    When I got home that evening, I rushed to my computer and turned it on. I had no idea what to do from there. I asked a friend to come over to help. In less than an hour later I had an active online dating account. It was kind of awkward at first, as I scrolled through all the various profiles. It felt like I was a customer at the grocery store looking for the best cut of beef (Okay, bad analogy), but I soon learned the algorithm of the online dating world, and I was well on my way to finding my perfect soul mate – at least that’s what they guaranteed.
    After a few hours I had read over a few dozen profiles. I then put the computer aside and pondered my thoughts about the whole online dating situation. I knew there were negative aspects to the realm, like having to financially afford the multiple dates and finding the time for it all; all of which seemed to be a hindrance, but I soon dismissed those thoughts altogether, turned my computer back on and continued searching more online profiles. It got addictive quickly.
    After eliminating all negativity from my mind, I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and jotted down every feature I wanted my perfect soul mate to have; like passion, charisma, sense of humour, etc. My list soon turned into a novel. I went into the great depths and wrote down every single thing that was important to me within a relationship. I no longer wanted to see failure within my close relationships. I was tired of seeing divorce in my perspective. I wanted to alter my happiness to a healthier state. This meant healthier relationships. I desperately needed to find someone who shared similar beliefs and values. Someone that would support my beliefs and encourage me to be the best I could be. I scribbled with my pen for hours. I wrote until I was tired of writing.
    After vigorously playing the happiness picture in my mind, I finally had a clear image of happiness; at least within a relationship. As I went through the hundreds of profiles thereafter, I listened to my instincts which told me who to contact. Four days later I met my exact description – Melanie. It’s been five and a half years since we met and I can say that I am happily married to my best friend. We now have two wonderful children together. They surely add to my happiness.
    Experiencing Melanie as my best friend has already been an incredible experience. We share the same goals, similar beliefs and we encourage each other on a regular basis. Life with her is exciting and passionate. After she came into my life I was sold on the law of attraction. I knew that if I found her with the power of my thoughts then I could use the same principles for my other desires.
    You too can experience similar results in your life if you let the Law of attraction work for you. You are the creator of your own destiny. You are the one that calls the shots in your life. Be proactive and don’t let time pass by too quickly without trying to find your ideal happiness. With a little effort you can find your passion, and with consistent effort you can take your passion to unbelievable heights. That passion, whatever it is, can be found by visualizing and allowing the Law of attraction to manifest your visions. Your deepest desires are waiting for you. The environment acts the same as it does for everyone. If you use your thoughts efficiently and you grasp onto the opportunities that come to you, you’ll bring happiness in abundance.

    All my life I’ve fathomed being in the limelight. Since a young age, I’ve been fascinated by celebrity. For some reason I’ve believed that celebrities live better than typical civilians. Maybe it was in the advertisements. The perfection was easy to see. It always seemed like they had something the rest don’t. They had to; it showed in their smiles, through their crafts and passions, in magazines and television ads. I then realized it was all in the hands of marketing gurus that place a synthetic image of what celebrity entails. As a matter of fact, I was so enthralled with becoming a celebrity that I went to great depths trying to learn about it from every aspect. I wanted to see if they truly did live better lives than us. I wanted to see if they truly were happier people. My findings are quite interesting.
    I can assure you celebrity isn’t what it seems to be. It’s not exactly how they paint it on your television screen. In fact, in my trek to becoming a limelight sensation I’ve come across numerous celebrities from all walks in the entertainment industry. Back in my twenties my main focus was studying celebrity. I read countless biographies and even moved to Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles to find it. My research showed only more frustration, less privacy and less time to do what you really want to do. I found the majority of celebrities are less than satisfied people. They’re constantly on the watch; every time they leave their household they’re watched. Heck, they’re even videotaped and photographed while they’re in their homes. What I did learn was this; almost every celebrity I came across stated that the most important quality needed to reach true lasting happiness is giving to others.
     Exercise: Give to others
    There’s a lot of happiness in giving to others. There have actually been studies done on the effects after giving to others. These tests recorded the types of feelings one has when they help another person. The results are quite shocking. In fact, they’ve concluded that endorphins and other feel-good receptors are released into the bloodstream at a rapid rate after doing good for society. I believe giving to others happens to be the most over looked quality in the human race.
    In your journal jot down a list of seven things you can do good for society. This exercise will take some visualization. By now you should be a near expert. Think of the things you can do to help a family member in need, or the neighbor across the street, or the friend that’s heartbroken. It doesn’t matter who you’re doing the random act of kindness for, you just need to have a clear idea what each good deed is. Think of the simple things you can do, like shoveling someone’s walkway without telling them, or offering to babysit somebody’s kids knowing they need a break, or simply bringing coffee and doughnuts into the office. Each small good deed will go a long way, especially if it isn’t expected. Try to make them more in depth than just holding a door open for someone. The larger the deed the more you’ll benefit. Once you have your list of seven, assign a weekday to accomplish each of them. This exercise will take some time and physical effort of your end, so be ready for it. Each day for the next full week enlist yourself to accomplish one good deed off the list. This will fill your Karma bank with funds that’ll propel your happiness quickly.

    Exercise 2: Build your Karma bank
    Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. Karma is closely associated with the idea of rebirth in many schools of Asian religions. In these schools, karma in the present affects one’s future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future lives.
    I like to explain Karma the following way. Each of us has a Karma bank (account). It works the exact same way as your typical bank account however the transactions are in the irony of the decisions you make in your life. For example: if you make a negative decision in life you’ll instantly withdraw from your Karma account. The opposite is true when you do something good for society in a positive way. When this happens you actually make a deposit into your Karma account. The more you have banked in your Karma account the more benefits you’ll reap in life. If you’re in need for positive reinforcement due to a catastrophic life event however don’t have sufficient funds in your Karma account there’s very little the environment around you can help you with. If however your Karma statement shows a surplus in Karma when you’re facing a difficult life situation there’s plenty of possibilities the environment will help you with. Just like your life savings, it’s important to always be in the positive with your Karma account. Life starts to get pretty risky when your Karma account is in the overdraft.  There are plenty of ways you can increase your Karma account. Doing anything good for society or giving to others is the easiest way to increase it.


    I remember the first time life served me happiness in abundance. The vibrational frequency of my mindset was optimal. I had recently changed careers which proved to be a good choice. I really liked my coworkers, and my personal relationships were better than ever. My wife had recently given birth to our first child, Sophia. It felt like I had the perfect life. It seemed like nothing could stand in my way of my happiness.
    Not long after, I started realizing how jealous my colleagues were of my positive fortune. I started feeling uncomfortable discussing my happiness with them because I knew it bothered them. I shortly learned to stop discussing the positive things in my life. Not too long after I started avoiding them altogether. It just felt too uncomfortable.  This experience made me realize that not everyone is going to be on the same page as me. Not everyone is going to appreciate the fact that I’m doing well. Among all the naysayers and disbelievers there are plenty of people that respect my happiness and want to see me grow. These are people I want to surround myself around; people I can share my happiness with.
    No too long after, I started feeling resentment towards my colleagues. I felt they were damaging my mindset; almost trying to kybosh my happiness. I started feeling like I wasn’t worth the happiness I was feeling. I then started resenting myself and started forging new thoughts in my mind; thoughts of discouragement. This instantly eliminated my ambitions of furthering my happiness. My happiness was reverted at the hands of other people.
    You can protect your happiness by never stopping believing in yourself. You are worthy of happiness in abundance. You just need to see it. Don’t let others allow you to give up on your dreams of becoming happy. When others are jealous of your happiness, or if you’re being weighed down by their negativity, be sure to find a healthier environment altogether. Their negativity doesn’t deserve to be present in your life. If you’re passionate about accomplishing something specific, don’t run out and tell everyone about your mission. You need to be selective with the people you discuss your ambitions with. Your goals can be shut down in an instant. One small nasty comment about how you’re going to fail is all that’s needed to persuade you to give up. Be selective with who you share your vision with. Those that want to see you achieve your goals are the ones you want to befriend. Don’t let the negativity of others decide your happiness.

    Our souls are driven by hundreds of characteristics. These characteristics are the same for everyone however the potency of each individual characteristic is entirely different. Although we’re all made of the same matter, neither of us has the exact same characteristic blend. This means neither of us are bound to any specific lifestyle.
    Each of us wants different things in life because we have differentiating beliefs and values. This is what makes life interesting. Life wouldn’t be very fun if we all wanted the exact same things; the same lifestyle, the same dreams, the same imagination, etc. Imagine what life would look like if everyone was driving the exact same vehicle, fighting for the exact same career, studying the exact same education. If this was the case I can assure you humans would suffer from much more than anxiety. Life itself simply wouldn’t be very appealing.
    Ask yourself these questions, and be sure to write down everything that comes to your mind. This exercise will teach you more about yourself than you actually believed you knew.
    1. How do I view the society around me?
    2. How do I view myself? (Overall)
    3. How do I view my friends and closest influences?
    4. What makes me happy? What makes me tick?
    5. What are my passions?
    6. How deserving am I of having a quality life?
    7. What are my accomplishments?
    8. What am I grateful for in life?
    9. Who are my closest influences?
    10. Which of my influences were negative?
    11. What are three of my limiting beliefs?
    12. Where did they come from?
    Once you’ve completed this exercise you’ll view your current perspective of reality a lot more clearly. This will enable you to see the areas where positive change is needed. Getting to know yourself is one of the fundamentals in becoming happy. I recommend coming back to this exercise often. The more you think about these questions the better you’ll understand yourself. The better you get to know yourself the better your life will be.
    With a new perspective it’s easier to see where your priorities are, and which ones need to be tweaked. Without a balanced focus on your priorities you’re destined for failure. This is why this chapter is more important than you may realize. I bet you’re thinking, this happiness thing is a lot more difficult than I thought. Life is actually a lot more complicated than one would realize. It isn’t until we look into the logistics of all characteristics involved within our lives when we realize how in-depth it actually is. Priorities are another characteristic added to the realm.
    Priorities define our accomplishments. They drive our mindset away from danger. Well, most of the time. They label what’s most important in our lives, and they persuade our thoughts too. Without priorities life wouldn’t be very organized. In fact, there would be much turmoil and a lot of dissatisfaction because the important things wouldn’t be looked after. As we all know, our priorities need to be maintained and adjusted. Things like spending time with family, friends, or working on your hobbies and passions. These are all things that need to be maintained because without them we’re nowhere.
    If you break down your priorities you’ll see that your responsibilities are an active key component. In fact, your responsibilities are what shape your priorities. They help determine what’s most important. In essence they guide your priorities. We all have responsibilities. These come in various forms, but they’re all fairly similar amongst us. Responsibilities keep us aligned. They allow us to see stay grounded from ill activity. It’s important to balance them by prioritizing them. No one responsibility should take the front line of your perspective. A well balanced perspective is one that brings happiness.

    This is only one of the fifteen commandments to happiness. If you’re interested in the complete set of commandments please visit Commandments to Happiness

    From the time we awake each morning till the time we bury our heads into our pillows at night, our bodies go through thousands of experiences. These experiences vary in relation to our daily regimens however most are similar in relation to yesterday’s experiences. By the time you go to sleep in the evening your brain will have processed well over 120,000 thoughts. The majority of those thoughts are almost exactly the same as yesterday’s. We think the same thoughts over and over each day with little variation. Sounds like a computerized Sims game.
    As we’ve trained our brains to differentiate right from wrong and good from bad, we have forgotten to realize that the bad isn’t really all that bad. In fact, even within our positive experiences, we’re still dealt discouragement, anxiety and a long list of other additional negative feelings and emotions. Over the years our brains have been conditioned to spot the emotions that are negative in nature and replace them with more encouraging ones. Although this serves as a mental band aid for our emotions, it’s the negative experiences that we live through that teaches us to move forward in a positive direction.


    The difficult times that we live through teaches us pertinent lessons that are needed to generate true happiness. Whether in business or our personal lives, our failures help define ourselves. Sometimes our biggest failures lead to a truly satisfying place in the end. It’s during these difficult times that we begin to understand what we’re truly grateful for in life. A life without gratefulness is a truly unhappy place.
    I’ve always been a firm believer that, “everything happens for a reason.” It’s true! Everything does happen for a reason. Whether you like to believe it or not that’s for you to decide. Every negative experience that I’ve lived has always been a blessing in disguise. Each one has served tremendous rewards and gratifying life lessons. These lessons have served as guidance and acceptance for my future happiness.


    Our life experiences can be viewed through many different perspectives, making each experience look both positive and negative. No experience is one hundred percent positive in nature. Each one is layered with both negative and positive qualities. Looking at all of our experiences in a positive way, no matter what the circumstances will ensure limited happiness, however, learning from our failures will allow us to move forward in a positive direction, allowing us to forge a lifetime of happiness. Living through the positivity will make you smile, however, the negativity will allow you to become grateful for the things that are often overlooked. By being grateful for the small important things; like the roof over your head, the mind that generates all your great ideas, your friends, family and genuine support that you receive each day will help you get through your days with ease and comfort. Life is a wonderful thing for those that see life this way. Success and happiness is simply a matter of perspective.
    Getting through any difficult time can be frustrating and discouraging but when you stop to realize what you’re grateful for, you’ll be able to refresh your mindset and re-focus your goals for a truly rewarding lifestyle. Dreams are made from mistakes, goals are achieved through struggle, and your conscious is determined by the thoughts you feed it. The next time you’re served a difficult life experience, search for the things that you’re grateful for. It will make a World of difference.

    The law of attraction is one very effective way to bring quality results into your life. We explored this in previous chapters. When practiced properly the Law of attraction generates life-changing opportunities. When this happens you need to be sure to take advantage of these opportunities they persist.
    You see it in movies all the time. Mostly in comedies. Everyone’s seen the scene in Dumb and Dumber, at the end of the movie when they’re hitchhiking down the highway wishing they had an opportunity. Moments later a tour bus loaded with beautiful women stops beside them. The bus door opens and a woman says, “We are looking for a couple of guys to rub lotion on our bodies for our photoshoots. Do you know where can find them?” Jim Carrey’s response, “You’re in luck. There’s a town a few miles back where you’re bound to find them.” As the bus leaves they continue to walk down the highway wishing for an ideal opportunity. This is a clear example of a missed opportunity.
    Opportunities are missed each and every day. In fact, each of our decisions hold missed opportunities because each decision has multiple outcomes. Who would’ve known if you had of made the other choice? I think about this question quite often actually. While I meditate I usually ask myself this question. It allows me to look at the situation in multiple perspectives. In fact, when I’m deciding to make a large choice in my life I always look at it from as many angles as possible. This allows me to generate the most appropriate choice based on my beliefs and values. Doing this also helps so I don’t miss life’s opportunities.
    Opportunities come in a variety of forms. They’re filled with various experiences and provide endless possibilities. The best part about them is; there’s a good chance you can rekindle happiness through them. Opportunities allow us to transform our mindset and strengthen our beliefs and values. They generate new experiences and drive us to meet new people. They give us better financial possibilities and allow us to excel at our passions. Each and every opportunity provides a new way of looking at life.
    All too often we miss opportunities that are staring us right in the face because we’re distracted in our current reality. Life gets comfortable quickly, and often times, we aren’t looking for opportunities because we are so caught up in our everyday fiasco of living. There’s no point in working towards positive change unless you’re willing to look for the opportunities when they present themselves. Opportunities exist when one is ready to make positive change. My favorite quote explains this perfectly, “When the student is ready to learn the teacher will be there.” Happiness resides in your missed opportunities. Don’t be na├»ve. Be ready for the opportunities when they unfold themselves.
    There are many missed opportunities within our everyday movements. Often times we fail to see these opportunities because we are so focused on what’s normal. The abnormalities, which are opportunities disguised as discomfort are often overlooked because they’re exactly that; uncomfortable. If you haven’t already realized; this books message is all about perspective. It all depends on how you look at any given situation. As mentioned, a tweaked perspective can lead you to happiness quite quickly.
    Over the next three weeks I want you to focus on missed opportunities. This is a visualization exercise that’ll help you see the missing pieces to happiness that’s staring directly at you.
    When you wake up tomorrow, and for the next three weeks I want you to focus on your daily activities. Primarily on the abnormal things; things that aren’t a part of your everyday regimen. Find abnormal changes in your plans that guide you on a different path. I’m not talking about a change in traffic that forces you a different direction to work. I’m talking about an experience that changes your perspective about something. Perhaps a random email from a company offering you a new line of work, or an overseas vacation that’s offered from a close friend, or even as simple as a television program that inspires you to fulfill your passion. These come to us to entice positive change in our lives. They’re there to help us live better. It could be the girl or guy you had a crush on way back that comes back into your life somehow out of nowhere. These kinds of things are opportunities to experience a new lifestyle; a new way of thinking. They’re there to persuade us to a happier life. Make a mental note, or mark them down in your journal when you come across them. But, most of all, be sure to grasp onto them when they come into your life. They’re to help you shift your perspective.

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