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    Kerry Girling takes a glimpse into reality in his own personal written journal about finding happiness. Initially produced for his own daughters fruitful well being later in life, he decided to expand his horizons and share his wisdom to anyone who wishes to find their own happiness. In this descriptive journal Kerry guides you along a journey into various life perspectives to help you capture the true meaning of your life – what it is, and what you can do to make it better. He explains the most common faults in finding true lasting happiness. Through his nearly two decades of experience as a youth motivator, mixed with intense discussions with a vast array of believers of all ages races and backgrounds, he depicts the difference of how a simple tweak in your own perspective of reality can alter your life drastically for the better.

    It’s all dependent on your perspective of each situation in life. This is his ultimate message. His wisdom is explained in the most unique yet satisfying way. He explains why most don’t achieve their dreams because of their unhealthy perspective about their own limitations. He shares his thoughts to the reasoning of life itself. He also talks about life with kids, parenting and other adult issues. But his message isn’t the type you normally hear. His shit is bold, creative, bizarre and satisfying to listen to. He makes his viewers want more of themselves. Kerry’s heartfelt yet motivating message relates to any audience in an inspiring and profound way. His words speak to you deeply, making you want to say f**k it I’m taking the first step towards living happiness abundantly.

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    Creating a BETTER WORLD through BETTER PEOPLE

    Kerry’s master plan to living a fulfilling life will inspire even the skeptical. His revolutionary techniques to eliminating the negativity will encourage a wealth of prosperity to those who instill his methods into their everyday regimen. His proven success formula is driven through years of personal life tests and vigorous life enhancements. Everyone who has enlisted Kerry’s life coaching techniques have over performed within days.






    403 992 4722


    403 992 4722