• Tommy's silver dollar

    A Lesson On Bullying' Where we face bullying – is where we confront it

    A message that every youngster should experience.

    Tommy Weasel loves helping his mother, and such devotion is often rewarded: a whole silver dollar – and that means Mrs. Bear's ice cream! But good things only come to those who follow through on practical advice given, and one such nugget offered from mother to son was to be respectful to others.

    Tommy Weasel's helpfulness and love for his mommy earn him rewards that are both real and educational. But when Tommy tries to use his first reward to get his friends all some ice cream---his plan backfires leading them to deal with bullying along the way.

    Alone, Tommy must face two neighborhood bullies, the Possum brothers, who attempt to rob him and beat him up! Only Tommy doesn't take their bait, and instead calls the attention of others –adults-- to his predicament and they serve those bullies a dose of grown-up justice.

    Download it for your children, or gift it to someone today HERE

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