Our souls are driven by hundreds of characteristics. These characteristics are the same for everyone however the potency of each individual characteristic is entirely different. Although we’re all made of the same matter, neither of us has the exact same characteristic blend. This means neither of us are bound to any specific lifestyle.
    Each of us wants different things in life because we have differentiating beliefs and values. This is what makes life interesting. Life wouldn’t be very fun if we all wanted the exact same things; the same lifestyle, the same dreams, the same imagination, etc. Imagine what life would look like if everyone was driving the exact same vehicle, fighting for the exact same career, studying the exact same education. If this was the case I can assure you humans would suffer from much more than anxiety. Life itself simply wouldn’t be very appealing.
    Ask yourself these questions, and be sure to write down everything that comes to your mind. This exercise will teach you more about yourself than you actually believed you knew.
    1. How do I view the society around me?
    2. How do I view myself? (Overall)
    3. How do I view my friends and closest influences?
    4. What makes me happy? What makes me tick?
    5. What are my passions?
    6. How deserving am I of having a quality life?
    7. What are my accomplishments?
    8. What am I grateful for in life?
    9. Who are my closest influences?
    10. Which of my influences were negative?
    11. What are three of my limiting beliefs?
    12. Where did they come from?
    Once you’ve completed this exercise you’ll view your current perspective of reality a lot more clearly. This will enable you to see the areas where positive change is needed. Getting to know yourself is one of the fundamentals in becoming happy. I recommend coming back to this exercise often. The more you think about these questions the better you’ll understand yourself. The better you get to know yourself the better your life will be.
    With a new perspective it’s easier to see where your priorities are, and which ones need to be tweaked. Without a balanced focus on your priorities you’re destined for failure. This is why this chapter is more important than you may realize. I bet you’re thinking, this happiness thing is a lot more difficult than I thought. Life is actually a lot more complicated than one would realize. It isn’t until we look into the logistics of all characteristics involved within our lives when we realize how in-depth it actually is. Priorities are another characteristic added to the realm.
    Priorities define our accomplishments. They drive our mindset away from danger. Well, most of the time. They label what’s most important in our lives, and they persuade our thoughts too. Without priorities life wouldn’t be very organized. In fact, there would be much turmoil and a lot of dissatisfaction because the important things wouldn’t be looked after. As we all know, our priorities need to be maintained and adjusted. Things like spending time with family, friends, or working on your hobbies and passions. These are all things that need to be maintained because without them we’re nowhere.
    If you break down your priorities you’ll see that your responsibilities are an active key component. In fact, your responsibilities are what shape your priorities. They help determine what’s most important. In essence they guide your priorities. We all have responsibilities. These come in various forms, but they’re all fairly similar amongst us. Responsibilities keep us aligned. They allow us to see stay grounded from ill activity. It’s important to balance them by prioritizing them. No one responsibility should take the front line of your perspective. A well balanced perspective is one that brings happiness.

    This is only one of the fifteen commandments to happiness. If you’re interested in the complete set of commandments please visit Commandments to Happiness

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